Our Vision, Principles and Values


Leaders of the flat world We seek to be the first in size, coverage, quality, creation of value, innovation and experience in industrial paving Each person within PC Floors has a responsibility in their environment to participate and achieve this reality. Thanks to our unique combination of skills and knowledge, we are proud to contribute to the recognition of the paving industry




– Directed to the satisfaction of the Client

– Provide value for the client and the end user OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE

– Quality and safety

– Efficiency and cost consciousness OPEN INNOVATION

– Prepared for the challenge of experience

– Openness to new products and techniques

– Priority to ecological solutions ALL FOR ONE

– Commitment

– Synergy



– Honesty

– Ethical behavior

– Absolute compliance with laws, above the standard TEAMWORK

– In all companies of the group, at all levels

– Without prejudice

– Using our different perspectives as an advantage

– Active cooperation with customers, suppliers and partners ACHIEVEMENTS

– Delivering the best

– Building to last

– Unceasingly in search of new opportunities for success

– Without giving up