Engineering and Design

The choice of the most suitable industrial flooring based on activity, use and durability is a very important decision since we must know the type of industry and needs faithfully.

Our experience in both coatings and paving allows us to offer you a complete range of specific solutions for different industries:

  • Floors
  • Rolling Layers
  • Magnesian coatings
  • Soils dumped in synthetic resins
  • Special and reinforced construction joints
  • Renovation of pavements

Our projects include

  • Elaboration of project, prescription, memory
  • Subbase
  • Type of Concrete
  • Type of reinforcement (type of steel, bars, fibers)
  • Joints (distribution and type)
  • Surface solution (surface hardener, resins, etc.)
  • Surface finish (Polished, Semi-polished)
  • Ways to cure the surface
  • Sealing joints
  • Final cleaning of work
  • Calculation, plans and details of the solution adopted

Based on RCR Systems, implementation systems with specific protocols and prescription of materials for different industries, we can meet the most different needs of the world of industrial pavements

Some examples of these systems are

  • RCR Precision –Industrial flooring meeting high requirements for planimetry and altimetry (according to ASTM, DIN, EN or TR34)
  • RCR Conductil SFRC – Industrial pavements without joints in large panel
  • RCR Conductil VRS – (Volumetric Retraction Stability – Industrial pavements without joints in any geometry
  • RCR Silifibre – Industrial flooring with retraction cuts
  • Delivery of work control protocol and information as built

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